Friday, March 2, 2012

In the House of the Seven Librarians

I'm delighted to announce that Aqueduct Press is now releasing a delicious little book by Ellen Klages, In the House of the Seven Librarians. Here's its first, enticing sentence:
Once upon a time, the Carnegie Library sat on a wooded bluff on the east side of town: red brick and fieldstone, with turrets and broad windows facing the trees. Inside, green glass-shaded lamps cast warm yellow light onto oak tables ringed with spindle-backed chairs...
This charming story recounts the tale of what happens when an old Carnegie library is closed and its seven librarians refuse to abandon it. They lock the doors, and a forest grows around them like a cloak, sheltering them from the rest of the world. But their lives are changed when a book of fairy tales is found in the Book Drop, very, very overdue and the payment accompanying it is a first-born child.

In the House of the Seven Librarians is a timeless tale for anyone who spent a childhood in the refuge of the public library, or who believes that a world full of books is a truly magical place. And as Margo Lanagan, author of Tender Morsels, has noted, “Ellen Klages writes like a dream—a dream from which you wake up laughing, and that fills the rest of the day with its strangeness and sweetness.”

Ellen's book is available in trade paperback for $9 and in e-book formats for $2.99. At the moment it's available only from Aqueduct Press, but will soon be available from other venues.

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